Soft and Chemical-Free Water Without Scale Buildup
Man's Best Friend Deserves Treated Water Too!
Washing Your Hands in RainSoft Water is Pure Bliss!
Save By Using Less Product. Expensive Appliances Last Longer.
Prepared Foods Taste and Look More Natural
Fruits and Vegetables Rinsed in RainSoft Are More Appetizing
Pure, Refreshing, and Chlorine Free - What Water Was Meant To Be

Save Time

Water, water, everywhere! And that's the truth. Statistics tell us that 80% of the Earth's surface is water and two-thirds of our own bodies are water. Despite these amazing numbers, only 1% of the Earth's water is safe for drinking. We also bathe in it, cook with it and clean with it, but we also need to conserve it. With water conservation and water treatment systems, we save two other valuable resources: TIME & MONEY.

Time is quickly becoming a sought after commodity in a world where time is always ‘of the essence’. Husbands and wives don’t have enough time for their family or one another, much less themselves. Many households are looking for ways to free up some time.

Every Saturday, Karen, a working mother of three, wakes up the kids, makes breakfast, mops floors, scrubs tiles on her hands and knees, does the laundry and many more water-using chores.

Her free time is valuable and she seems to be running out of it. “It’s enough to take care of three children” Karen remarks. “Add to that managing a household, bills, cleaning, chores, groceries, plus the kids was starting to drive me crazy.”

But if Karen could remove some of the stress, hassle, and work of cleaning tasks, she could gain some time. The solution: Remove the elements in the water that create stains on glasses (re-washing), rings around sinks and tubs (scratchy cleansers/heavy scrubbing) and the look of hard water scum on tile (constant cleaning). “Generally, scrubbing using a hard abrasive was the only way to clean areas like the dishwasher sprayer. Dishes always showed residue or stains,” explained Karen. “Cleaning was quite a workout.”

Total Dissolved Solids* (TDS) and hard water (dissolved rock) create these problems and aren't easy to get rid of. Eliminating these causes would reduce the problems, wasted time from constant cleaning/re-cleaning, and wasted money from water usage, appliance replacement, and cleaning supplies. A water treatment system, such as RainSoft, filters out the harmful, hard water substances and provides only soft or conditioned water throughout the home for cooking, cleaning and bathing.

Other Ways To Save

  • Fill a pitcher with drinking water and store it in the fridge.
  • Never put water down the drain that can be used for something else, such as watering plants.
  • Limit showers to 5 minutes.
  • Install water saving shower heads.
  • Dishwashers & washing machines run more efficiently if they are full.
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Fix leaking faucets or toilets.
  • Rinse fruit and vegetables in a pot of water rather than in running water.
  • Water your lawn every third day, during cool time of day. (early morning is best)

“The RainSoft water treatment system we invested in made an immediate impact. I saved time because I didn’t have to scrub the bathroom tiles, rings around tubs or stains off the faucet.” Karen stated. The biggest impact for Karen was her first RainSoft bath. “It felt so good…better than…well, let’s not go there. When I stepped out of the tub, I didn’t need moisturizer on my skin. No dryness or flaking either.” Karen reports that she can tell if a hotel uses a water treatment system like RainSoft, or not.

Less bad hair days add greater time savings to Karen’s life. “I found out that hard water allows shampoo to stick to your hair making it flat and dry, increasing styling time. Now using conditioned water, my hair has never looked better.” Karen observes. “It’s gross to think that you still have soap and shampoo on you when you are supposed to be clean.” Quite an observation.

*Basic water conditioning doesn’t reduce TDS, but by removing hardness, we increase the sheeting action of water, thus greatly reducing the formation of water spots by TDS. Results vary by your water conditions. Different customers report varying degrees of benefits.

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I called to have my current equipment tested and serviced. The technician/installer was very knowledgeable and explained the limitation of my old system. Because of his expertise and my trust in him, I upgraded to the new system. My experience...

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